Community, Migration and Development - projects

Finish Date Project
31 March 2013A biography of money flows in the Indian diaspora in Australia and community
This project will analyse how life stage and migrant experience influence the meaning and flow of money between Australia and India among persons in the Indian diaspora in Australia. It will also explore how best we can begin to answer the question: How much money flows between Australia and India in family and community remittances, trade, business and investment? This involves surveying the existing methodologies for measuring transnational money flows. This project will contribute to the research at the centre of ARC Discovery application submitted for 2013.
30 April 2014Breaking the cycle: the role of housing and support in resolving chronic homelessness
This is a longitudinal study of formerly chronically homeless people who are residents in a supportive housing facility in inner city Melbourne.
30 April 2013City and community: Melbourne to Delhi
This book aims to detail new theoretical and methodological approaches for the study of communities in cities. It complements the study of the city in terms of the built environment, design and planning, financial and knowledge networks by emphasizing the 'soft' side of the concept of 'urbanization' within the framework of globalization. Urbanization has been traditionally understood using the frameworks of demography, urban planning, urban infrastructure, transportation, affordable housing, and urban development. We bring to the study of cities, the sociological and anthropological imagination.
OngoingCommunity engagement in adaptation to climate change in Australia
This ongoing project has a particular interest in affective relationships between people, climates and places in the world.
31 December 2012Community sustainability indicators
Community sustainability indicators; citizen engagement; software decision-support tool.
31 December 2012Migration and diasporic communities
This is a study of the Indian diaspora in Australia, with a particular emphasis on family and community remittances and issues of identity and belonging. The study covers the experiences of first and second generation migrants, as well as recently arrived Indian students
14 November 2015Migration and Mobility Research Network
Migration and Mobility Research Network (MMRN) aims to bring together academics together with policymakers, people from NGOs and others interested in themes of migration and mobility.
30 June 2013On the margins: caravan park dwellers and boarding house residents
This study will investigate the social characteristics and housing situation of people living in caravan parks and boarding houses.
OngoingRegenerating community: arts, community and governance
This project examined the role of community art projects in enhancing local government in Australia.
27 December 2013Resettlement and the urban poor in Malaysia
How do we understand the process, meaning and experience of resettlement for increasing groups of urban poor within national development strategies?
30 September 2013The role of the ‘Street to Home Program’ in providing pathways out of homelessness for adult rough sleepers
One of the headline goals in the Australian Government’s White paper, The Road Home, is to offer supported accommodation to all rough sleepers who want it by 2020. The Streets to Home program is being implemented in each jurisdiction in order to advance this objective.

The projects listed above are current or recently completed.
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Finish Date Project
30 December 2011Cash in remote districts of Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea: a community centered approach to mobile money
The aim is to explore proposals for mobile money in Papua New Guinea and to see how the needs of remote communities differ from urban and other rural communities.
29 December 2011Counting the homeless
This is a study of homelessness in each state and territory of Australia based on census data supplemented by information from the National SAAP Data Collection and the third national census of homeless school students.
26 December 2010Evaluating the impact of information and communications technology on the livelihood of rural communities
This project investigate the ways in which migration, family and community shape each other. focusing particularly on remittances as a medium of relationship with the family and community. This emphasis has led us to examine transnational and cosmopolitan practices, and issues of identity and belonging.
30 December 2011Information and communication technology (ICT) programs in e-government and e-learning: the impact on rural and regional communities
This research examined the outcomes and impact of publicly funded ICT-based initiatives on e-government and e-learning on rural and regional communities. It included case studies from Victoria and Queensland to determine a strategy for reducing the digital divide.
29 December 2011Information and communication techology (ICT) and eco-sustainability
To develop an understanding of the direct and indirect effects of ICTs on environmental sustainability at community and organisational levels.
25 December 2011Negotiating the local-global
Investigating localities around the globe to determine how communities are negotiating transformations across complex layers of social life from local to global.
28 December 2011Pathways into and out of homelessness
Effective interventions to assist homeless people depend upon understanding the reasons why people become homeless and how they exit from homelessness.
31 December 2011Reconstructing community in the wake of disaster
The project funded by an ARC Linkage Grant (2006-2010) was the longest and most intense study of social recovery from the tsunami, to develop an understanding of how communities have been rebuilt after the 2004 tsunami, thereby evaluating the long-term benefit of disaster aid.
26 December 2010Reconstructing community livelihood after Tsunami
This study examines how improve strategic responses to natural disasters through development aid.
1 July 2011Rough sleeping in rural and regional Victoria
This project is investigating homelessness in rural and regional Victoria in order to improve the evidence base regarding rough sleeping.
13 September 2010The implementation and management of mobile technologies with Victoria Police
An investigation evaluating the implementation, use and impact of mobile technologies with Victoria Police.
26 November 2011The practice of polygamy and community well-being
How do we better understand the impact of polygamy on the family institution and family law reforms