Global Indigeneity and Reconciliation - projects

Finish Date Project
31 December 2014Ancient cultures: new futures
Sri Lankan society has for many years been beset by conflict, the most destructive experience of which occurred during the war from 1983 to 2009 in which many tens of thousands of people died. Despite the formal end of hostilities the legacy of division, hostility and suspicion continues, in many areas compounded by poverty and economic and political disadvantage. This project, which builds upon work begun in 2009, is done in collaboration with Global Reconciliation, an international foundation based in Australia. In 2010 and 2011 the project involved AFL indigenous and other players in reconciliation tours of critical areas in the country. In August 2012 the project ran the first globally connected, national civil-society reconciliation conference in Sri Lanka since the war.
OngoingGlobalizing indigeneity
This project supports the development of long-term strategic partnerships in the Pacific (The University of Hawaii) and North America (The University of Victoria, BC, Canada) to develop a network of scholars who share a passion and commitment in the exploration of Indigeneity in both local and global contexts.
OngoingOn country: Australian football and youth well being in Papunya
This project supports the establishment of the Wilurarra Tjutaku Football League (WTFL). This League is an initiative of the MacDonnell District Sporting and Social Club Aboriginal Corporation, an Aboriginal-controlled organisation based at Papunya in the Northern Territory.