Globalization and Culture - projects

Finish Date Project
31 December 2012Cultural precincts
This project is concerned with three inner-city cultural precincts in Lonsdale, Lygon and Little Bourke streets in Melbourne.
31 January 2015Globalization: the career of a key concept
This project will assemble the first comprehensive history of the concept ‘globalization’, one of the most important keywords of our time.
31 December 2012Mapping justice globalism: reassessing the ideological landscape of the 21st Century
Is there a coherent ideological platform behind "Justice Globalism" - the social movement for global justice emerging through the World Social Forum?
30 November 2012Mobiles, migrants and money: a study of mobility in Haiti and the Dominican Republic
This project investigates the use of mobile phones and mobile money among people living and moving within Haiti and between the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It seeks to understand how mobiles phones shape the experience and capacity for mobility among domestic and cross-border migrants and how enhanced access to information and communication may enable workers to maintain and develop social relationships and store economic and symbolic forms of value as they travel across regional and national zones.
30 September 2015Mobilising media for sustainable outcomes in the Pacific
Almost 25 per cent of Australia's total Aid budget will be spent in Pacific Island counties this year. In collaboration with the ABC we will research the use of media and communication for development in the Pacific to increase our understanding of the region and inform practices that will improve the development outcomes from this $1.6 billion spend.
31 December 2012Online@Asia-Pacific: social networking systems and online communities in the region
One way to investigate the emerging forms of sociality, creativity and politics within networked media is through the relationship between emerging and remediated forms of user created content (UCC) and the social networking systems (SNS).
30 September 2012PACMAS baseline study
The Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS) baseline study will provide baseline measures on the key evaluation questions for PACMAS across its four components—media capacity-building, media policy and legislation, media systems and media content - through research undertaken across 14 countries in the Pacific Region.
31 December 2012The role of lifestyle television in transforming culture, citizenship and selfhood: Australia, China, Taiwan, Singapore and India
Over the past decade or so, TV schedules around the world have undergone something of a lifestyle revolution on primetime television with advice television increasingly directed towards a broader prime-time audience.
OngoingThe visual archive project of the global imaginary
The aesthetic transformations underway in the global age involve changes both on the level of the social imaginary and material culture.
31 December 2012Theatre in the Asia-Pacific: regional culture in a modern global context
How do theatre and performance in the Asia-Pacific articulate the social, political and material changes that result from globalization in its engagement with the national and the local?

The projects listed above are current or recently completed.
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Finish Date Project
1 January 2010Biodiversity planning in the urban fringe: Multiple actors, multiple actions, multiple uncertainties
30 December 2008China’s Chicago: global ideology, urban infrastructure and the transformation of public space in Chongqing
The key aim of this project is to investigate Chonqing's rapidly transforming urban infrastructure and the changing spatial practices that result from it.
30 December 2011Closing the gap between the wellbeing of indigenous and non-indigenous youth: a comparative case study
How can we develop better approaches to Indigenous well-being by drawing on existing Indigenous knowledge and community strengths?
31 December 2009Globalizing indigeneity: indigenous cultural festivals and wellbeing in Australia and the Asia Pacific
How do Indigenous cultural festivals contribute to community well being in the context of uneven globalization in Australia and the near region?
31 December 2011Irregular migrants and political belonging in Global Cities
This project investigates the transformation of citizenship in four globalizing cities with respect to irregular migration.
29 December 2010Mapping the movies: understanding post-war cinema as a located example of globalization-in-process
How have the Australian film industries responded to demographic, social and cultural change?
13 September 2009Online@Asia-Pacific: social networking systems and online communities in the region (2008-2009)
How does the online reflect, depart from, or shape the offline world? And what are the emerging modes of community, sociality, media literacy, creativity and politics traversing online and offline spaces?
31 December 2009Urban Rivalry
In what ways do media and communication technologies play a role in the creation and dissemination of city identities, imaginaries, and senses of urban belonging?