Urban Decision-Making and Complex Systems - projects

Finish Date Project
31 December 2013Accounting for sustainability: developing an integrated approach for sustainability assessments
This is a cross-disciplinary project involving social science and computer science. It aims to develop a new approach to sustainability in our cities and organizations.
31 December 2012An extensible agent-based framework for exploring climate change adaptation
The goal of this project is to facilitate exploration of possible climate-change-adaptation strategies using an interactive platform incorporating multiple agent-based simulation modules.
OngoingDeveloping computational models of social practice theory
Exploration of how to computationally conceptualise social practice theory.
OngoingMethodology for developing agent based simulation in multi discilinary teams
This long term project is to develop a methodology and supporting tools to assist planners, policy makers, and social scientists assisting them, in using agent based simulation technology to better understand the complex systems they are working with.
OngoingModelling humans in agent based simulation systems
This project is working on incorporating better models of human behaviour in agent based simulation systems.
OngoingSupporting participatory modelling
Exploring ways to support participatory modelling.

The projects listed above are current or recently completed.
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Finish Date Project
30 June 2011Agent-based simulation framework for enhancement of resilience to extreme events
This project aims to develop a modular agent-based simulation platform that allows emergency management stakeholders to explore complex multi-scalar, multi-actor, emergency management interactions under uncertain future conditions, in order to promote more effective governance arrangements.
30 June 2011Ecological simulation
This project is investigating Agent-Based Modelling techniques to explore issues of climate change on biodiversity in the Western Ghats region of Southern India.
OngoingExploring flood responses in an urban municipality using agent based simulation
Agent Based Modelling and Simulation to explore sandbagging options as a response to flooding in a particular municipality.
31 December 2010Tools for simulation modules: water sustainability
This project will look at tools and paradigms for simulation, in the context of issues around water sustainability.