Accounting for sustainability: developing an integrated approach for sustainability assessments

This is a cross-disciplinary project involving social science and computer science. It aims to develop a new approach to sustainability in our cities and organizations.

Current approaches with a focus on reporting against a proliferation of indicator sets, often result in cities and organizations losing sight of the underlying sustainability goals, and in particular the local opportunities and issues. This project will develop a new approach to defining sustainability in locally meaningful terms, while at the same time linking this to global indicators. A leading edge software system will be developed to provide the technological support to assist cities and organizations in management of their sustainability goals.

Funding provider and partners:  Australian Research Council with Fuji Xerox, Cambridge International College, City of Melbourne, Common Ground Publishing, Augusta Systems, and Microsoft.

Start By not provided
Completed By 31 December 2013
Funding ARC Discovery Grant

Researcher(s) Lida Ghahremanloo, Lin Padgham, James Thom, Ke Sun, Liam Magee, Hepu Deng, Sarah Hickmott, Paul James, Andy Scerri
Program Urban Decision-Making and Complex Systems
Location(s) Melbourne – Australia
Vancouver – Canada