Agent-based simulation framework for enhancement of resilience to extreme events

This project aims to develop a modular agent-based simulation platform that allows emergency management stakeholders to explore complex multi-scalar, multi-actor, emergency management interactions under uncertain future conditions, in order to promote more effective governance arrangements.

The platform is also intended to be a long-term decision-support tool suitable for the development of agent-based simulations which address a range of extreme events, such as coastal flooding and heat stress. We developed a prototype tool simulating evacuation of a coastal town in Victoria. This could be further developed to be a tool for interactively exploring evacuation options in different towns.

Start By 1 July 2010
Completed By 30 June 2011
Funding NCCARF
Outcomes Visit Agents@RMIT for a list of publications, software, video's and more information
Researcher(s) Lin Padgham, Sarah Hickmott, Darryn McEvoy, Karyn Bosomworth, David Scerri
Program Urban Decision-Making and Complex Systems
Location(s) Breamlea – Australia