An extensible agent-based framework for exploring climate change adaptation

The goal of this project is to facilitate exploration of possible climate-change-adaptation strategies using an interactive platform incorporating multiple agent-based simulation modules.

The aim is to build up complex simulations by incrementally adding new agent-based models created by members of a large distributed community, interested in the application area. Each module will capture a different aspect of the situation, and could potentially be created independently by people with expertise relating only to that aspect. We are thus developing an extensible, open-source framework that allows individual modules, possibly pre-existing and implemented under different paradigms, to be integrated in a common environment. This agent-based modelling approach will be enhanced by our proposed inclusion of entities based on the Belief Desire Intention agent-architecture, which facilitates more complex reasoning agents than are commonly used in ABM modelling. These entities may include complex social organizations or groups as well as individuals. The extension of ABM to an interactive platform builds on the technology developed for games, using it in a manner similar that described as serious games. The project is a cross-disciplinary one, involving both technical and social science challenges.

Start By 1 January 2010
Completed By 31 December 2012
Funding ARC Discovery Grant
Outcomes Visit the Agents@RMIT Project Page
Researcher(s) Lin Padgham, Fabio Zambetta, Sarah Hickmott, David Scerri, Colin Fudge
Program Urban Decision-Making and Complex Systems