Bushfire community safety

The framework reflects a theory-based (realist) approach to the complex interventions in diverse settings that are necessary to enhance the community  capacities necessary for reducing the loss of life and property and environmental damage caused by bushfire. Workshops on this framework with fire agency staff has led to the development of an on-line training programme (see www.localcolour.net/bushfire).

A related project has been undertaken for the Victorian Country Fire Authority (CFA) with the objective of conducting a research-based assessment of the Community Fireguard (CFG) programme. The research covers questions of consistency in selection and recruitment of CFG facilitators across all nine CFA Areas, an assessment of the training packages and delivery, the involvement of CFG groups in this process and the role of the facilitators. Based on this assessment the research team has recommended a quality control and assurance framework.


Start By 2 January 2005
Completed By 2 January 2010
Funding Bushfire CRC and CFA
Researcher(s) Peter Fairbrother, John Fien, Gerald Elsworth, Keith Toh, Helen Goodman, Julie Stratford, John Gilbert
Program Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures
Location(s) Melbourne – Australia