Climate change adaptation toolkit: a comprehensive guide to planning for climate change adaptation in three steps

The Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit has been developed by the Net Balance Foundation in partnership with the City of Greater Geelong and RMIT University’s Climate Change Adaptation Program.

The Toolkit aims to support organizations to:

  • integrate adaptation and support effective and efficient risk management
  • be more responsive to climate change shocks and trends
  • maintain standards of service delivery in the face of more extreme conditions
  • make effective and consistent decisions regarding climate change
  • form linkages across different work-areas, internally and externally
  • incorporate uncertainty into decisionmaking
  • make adaptation decisions that work across a range of future scenarios
  • build flexibility into adaptation actions.

The Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit has been trialled and tested with different business units of the City of Greater Geelong. It has been developed for local government, but it is relevant for any government body or other organization currently considering the impacts of climate change to their business/services/community.

The Toolkit has been developed to provide guidance on how to integrate climate change risk management into organizational processes and decisions (i.e. mainstream climate change adaptation) and support robust decision making in the face of various types of uncertainty. The Toolkit consists of three process tools that can be used in sequence or in a stand-alone fashion, and a comprehensive user guide.

The Toolkit will be launched on 25 October 2012 and will be available free of charge for non-commercial use (see link below).

Start By 1 September 2011
Completed By 31 October 2012
Funding Commercial Contract

Outcomes Visit the Netbalance website where the toolkit can be downloaded.

A copy of the brochure can be found here.

Researcher(s) Hartmut Fünfgeld
Program Climate Change Adaptation
Location(s) Geelong – Australia
Melbourne – Australia