Climate changes: Australian forces abroad

The purpose of the Australian Forces Abroad series of online briefing books is to document the activities of Australian military, police and intelligence forces abroad and the policies and legal structures that govern those activities. Public discussion of those – and future – deployments is severely constrained without extensive and reliabe information about the basis of policy and its consequences. There are remarkably few organised and accessible public collections of information about Australian military activities in Afghanistan – or for that matter any other current theatre of military or police operations. There are no collections of contending policy analyses or even of basic documents. This lack of information inhibits informed community discussion, and encourages the incorrect belief that there is no reliable information available to the public.

These websites are documentary in intention: analysis is kept to a minimum in editorial introductions to particular pages. Our intention is to direct the reader to sources we believe are useful to understanding the role of Australian military, police and intelligence personnel in particular conflicts. All sources used in the Briefing Books are public. However, unorganised knowledge effectively is unusable for practical purposes. Our contribution to public debate is to find those sources, organise them in a rational manner, and offer them to the public. We also hope to encourage readers to take the work further themselves.

(NOTE: Text taken from Nautilus Institute website,

Start By 23 December 2008
Completed By 23 December 2010
Funding RMIT Research Support

Outcomes Briefing books have been prepared for the following countries:
- Afghanistan
- Pacific Islands
- Solomon Islands
- East Timor
- Tonga
Australian Forces Abroad briefing books are available at
Researcher(s) Richard Tanter
Program Human Security and Disasters
Location(s) Dili – Timor-Leste
Honiara – Solomon Islands
Kabul – Afghanistan
Nukuʻalofa – Tonga