Closing the gap between the wellbeing of indigenous and non-indigenous youth: a comparative case study

Indigenous communities in Australia (and elsewhere) suffer from extreme disadvantage. Northern Australia and many other places face a demographic time bomb of alientated, self-destructuve and culturally disoriented youth, manifesting in violence and abuse. This project takes an evidence-based approach to build upon community strengths and knowledge to design new measures of Indigenous well-being. It identifies factors that contribute to cultural, spiritual, psychological, emotional and social wellbeing, moving beyond welfare or paternalistic approaches. The project aims to develop interventions for Indigenous youth that work towards closing the gap between the wellbeing of Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth.

Start By 30 December 2008
Completed By 30 December 2011
Funding ARC Linkage Grant
Researcher(s) Jenny Martin
Program Globalization and Culture
Location(s) Brisbane – Australia
Darwin – Australia
Perth – Australia