Comparative regional policy: Europe, Asia, Australia

This project is a comparative study of regional policy in Europe, Australia and in selected Asian countries which aims to inform regional policy and program development in Australia.

The project is has drawn together a network of esteemed Australian and international regional development researchers and policy linkages, and is developing a set of priority research projects. In the early stages, it has identified sources of data for monitoring social, economic and environmental status in European regions, and assessing the availability of similar sources in Australia.

These two starting points will provide a framework for investigating the extent of ‘patchwork’ regional development in Australia, and seeking funding for more specific research projects to examine the priority research questions.


Start By 1 January 2012
Completed By 30 June 2014
Funding The project is led by the European Union Centre at RMIT which receives core funding from the European Commission.
Outcomes Project Summary
An initial paper presented to a conference convened by the European Union Studies Association of Asia Pacific

Researcher(s) John Fien, Colin Fudge, Bruce Wilson
Program Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures
Location(s) Brussels – Belgium
Hong Kong – China
Melbourne – Australia
Seoul – South Korea