Ecological simulation

This project is investigating Agent-Based Modelling techniques to explore issues of climate change on biodiversity in the Western Ghats region of Southern India.

The objectives are to build an ongoing strategic collaboration between the Indian Institute of Science and RMIT University. We aim to showcase the technical computer-science research strength in Intelligent Agents, while accessing the strong scientific strength in climate change ecology of Indian Institute of Science as a domain for refining and developing our agent based simulation platform. We initiated work on 2 prototype simulation systems using Agent Based Modelling (ABM): one was to explore the issues relating to climate change adaptation of various plant species in the Western Ghats region of India, with a particular focus on fire behaviour and management. The second was on elephants and how they are being affected by the changing ecology.

Start By 30 June 2010
Completed By 30 June 2011
Funding Australia-India Council
Researcher(s) Lin Padgham, Sarah Hickmott
Program Urban Decision-Making and Complex Systems