Globalizing indigeneity: indigenous cultural festivals and wellbeing in Australia and the Asia Pacific

This project investigates the role of cultural festivals in Indigenous community well being. Festivals are understood as domains which both deploy and exceed a rights based discourse as an assertion of Indigenous presence.
The project’s starting point is that festivals are a particularly effective forum for communities to assert and re-frame this presence, engage and educate other communities, institutions and levels of government on Indigenous terms, garner resources and strengthen the transmission of cultural knowledge across generations; all with varied well being outcomes.
We investigate these outcomes in the context of very different impacts of globalization upon the communities and festivals in question.

Start By 31 December 2007
Completed By 31 December 2009
Funding ARC Linkage Grant
Outcomes Slater, Lisa, ‘Calling our Spirits home’: Indigenous cultural festivals and the making of a good life, Cultural Studies Review, 1, forthcoming, 2010; Slater, Lisa, ‘Beyond Celebration: Australian Indigenous festivals, politics and ethics’, Culture, Politi
Researcher(s) Peter Phipps
Program Globalization and Culture
Location(s) Melbourne – Australia