Life cycle assessment of beverage container systems

The project has been supported by interested stakeholders, with updated figures being supplied for each stage of aluminium production, from the extraction of bauxite and the production of alumina through to the manufacture of the can sheet. The can manufacturers have also provided information relating to the formation and delivery of the can.

The intention of the study is to provide the updated life cycle inventory dataset for an aluminium can manufactured in Australia. The project outcomes assist with internal decision making and provide consumers with information regarding the environmental profile of each of the packaging materials.

The study is also intended to be communicated to researchers, consultants, packaging manufacturers and members of the public with an interest in LCA and sustainability.

Start By 2 September 2009
Completed By 2 September 2011
Funding Industry Tender
Funded by Aluminium Can Group
Researcher(s) Simon Lockrey, Enda Crossin, Andrew Carre
Program Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures
Location(s) Melbourne – Australia