Mapping justice globalism: reassessing the ideological landscape of the 21st Century

Is there a coherent ideological platform behind ‘Justice Globalism’ – the social movement for global justice emerging through the World Social Forum?

This project investigates and assesses the ideological status of ‘justice globalism’ – the political ideas and public policy vision associated with the global justice movement. Through qualitative textual analysis and in-depth interviews, the project scrutinizes key documents of justice globalism generated by 150 civil society organizations associated with the World Social Forum. The outcome of this research will be a detailed conceptual mapping and policy analysis of justice globalism that furthers our understanding of the ideas, values, and policy proposals behind one of the major global political forces shaping the 21st century.

Start By 1 January 2009
Completed By 31 December 2012
Funding ARC Discovery Grant
Researcher(s) Manfred Steger
Program Globalization and Culture