Mapping the movies: understanding post-war cinema as a located example of globalization-in-process

This project investigates the significance of Australian cinemas as sites of social and economic activity. The project analyses the responsiveness of cinemas and their audiences to social and cultural change through several detailed case studies. We investigate distribution practices and audience preferences using a combination of archival, demographic and spatial data and oral histories. As one of the first Australian research projects to produce historical maps of the social, economic and cultural patterning of media consumption, the project makes a groundbreaking contribution to the analysis of regional and community differentiation in Australian media and cultural history and enhances our understanding of the ways in which local media practices sustain community identities.

Start By 29 December 2007
Completed By 29 December 2010
Funding ARC Discovery Grant

Outcomes Deb Verhoeven, ‘Film, Video, DVD and Online Delivery’, Media and Communications in Australia, 5th edition, Stuart Cunningham and Graeme Turner (eds), Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2010 (in press);

Deb Verhoeven, ‘Diasporic Cinemagoing and National Cinema'.

Researcher(s) Guosheng Chen
Program Globalization and Culture
Location(s) Melbourne – Australia