Modelling humans in agent based simulation systems

This project is exploring mechanisms for incorporating better models of humans into existing agent based simulation toolkits. This includes both technical work to integrate more sophisticated models, and inter-disciplinary work to build the modelling tools and theories to be accessible to social scientists. This latter aim of accessibility to social scientists involves developing models that use the right concepts, and capture the dynamics of social science theories, as well as tools that are technically accessible and support understanding of specific models developed.  This is a large and long term project, with potentially high impact as it lays the groundwork for more sophisticated collaboration as well as greater confidence in the technology.

Start By 1 January 2010
Completed By ongoing
Funding This project is currently unfunded, funding is being sought.
Researcher(s) Lin Padgham, Ralph Horne, Shae Hunter, Sarah Hickmott, David Scerri and Dhirendra Singh
Program Urban Decision-Making and Complex Systems
Location(s) Melbourne – Australia