Online@Asia-Pacific: social networking systems and online communities in the region

Still Mobile 2010, artwork by Larissa Hjorth

One way to investigate the emerging forms of sociality, creativity and politics within networked media is through the relationship between emerging and remediated forms of user created content (UCC) and the social networking systems (SNS).

Through the lens of localised notions of online “communities” (and their relationship to offline life), Online@AsiaPacific explores the material and symbolic practices of media literacy, creativity and new politics.

Drawing from six case locations – Manila, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai and Melbourne – Online@AsiaPacific analyses and brings new insights into localised and regional online communities that are, like the Internet, dynamic and ever-evolving.

Start By 1 June 2009
Completed By 31 December 2012
Funding ARC Discovery Grant
Outcomes The below publications are all authored by Larissa Hjorth, visit Online@AsiaPacific to find information on further publications relating to this project.

'The Personal and the Political: Social Networking in Manila', International Journal for Learning and Media, 2011 journal article.

'Gifts on presence: A case study of South Korean virtual community, cyworld's mini-hompy' in G. Goggin, M. McLelland (ed.) Internationalising the Internet, Routledge, London, pp. 237-251, 2009 book chapter.

'The politics of being mobile: a case study of a different model for conceptualizing mobility, gaming and play' in Adriana de Souza e Silva; Daniel M. Sutko (ed.) Digital Cityscapes: Merging Digital and Urban Playspaces, Peter Lang Publishing Group, New York, pp. 83-99, 2009 book chapter.

Researcher(s) Larissa Hjorth, Michael Arnold
Program Globalization and Culture
Location(s) Manila – Philippines
Melbourne – Australia
Seoul – South Korea
Shanghai – China
Tokyo – Japan