Opportunity spaces: community engagement in the planning, use and governance of shared school facilities

This research will capitalize on investment across Australia in renewing schools and building community education precincts. The work will illuminate the role played by civic infrastructure in community building, the benefits of coordinating social and educational services, and the potential of schools as learning resources for the whole community. The research will also break new ground by investigating the digital resources of schools as a potential shared community resource.

School-based field research is a key part of the project. The research team will conduct intensive field research at three contrasting school sites in metropolitan and rural Victoria.

The research will fill major gaps in our knowledge about educational partnerships, schools as social infrastructure, and community building. In particular, the project will develop new methods and tools to optimise community engagement in shared facilities. The project will make a valuable contribution to national and international research into the potential and problems of shared schools.

Start By 1 April 2012
Completed By 31 March 2015
Funding ARC Linkage Grant

Researcher(s) Denise Meredyth, Jerry Watkins (University of Western Sydney), and Ian McShane
Program Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures
Location(s) Melbourne – Australia