Other countries’ policy initiatives to meet the housing needs of asset-poor older persons: implications for Australia

The purpose of this comparative review is to identify whether overseas experiences (looking at 6 countries: USA, UK, Canada, France, Italy and Germany) are applicable in the Australian context, and using secondary data sets from the Housing and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey to document the size of this group of older Australians and the scale of their likely needs for housing assistance.


Researchers: Gavin Wood, Mike Berry, Val Colic-Peisker

Institutional partner: Rachel Ong, Curtin University

Funding: Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (category 1 competitive grant), 2009-2010.

Start By 31 August 2009
Completed By 31 December 2010
Funding RMIT Research Support
Researcher(s) Gavin Wood
Program Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures
Location(s) Melbourne – Australia