Planning reform, land release and the supply of housing

This study will investigate the impact firstly of the major overhaul of the planning system in 1996 known as the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP), intended to facilitate development and remove constraints and secondly the introduction in 2002 of a major strategic plan, Melbourne 2030, aimed at urban consolidation and containment.  The VPPs are the framework within which all planning schemes are contained, and include both state and local policies and planning regulations.  Through detailed analysis of land release and valuations databases, will identify the form of new housing being constructed over time.

While the research is confined to metropolitan Melbourne, it is believed the results will be applicable to other Australian cities, most of which have adopted similar policies in recent years.  The techniques which will be utilised could serve as a model for research in other states where similar databases are available.


Researchers: Robin Goodman, Gavin Wood, Prem Chhetri, Michael Buxton, Elizabeth Taylor

Funding: Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (category 1 competitive grant), 2009-2010.

Start By 1 September 2009
Completed By 1 January 2011
Funding RMIT Research Support
Researcher(s) Robin Goodman
Program Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures
Location(s) Melbourne – Australia