Resilient urban systems: a study of community-scale climate change adaptation initiatives

Resilient energy and water systems are required to reduce Victoria’s vulnerability to climate change, which, if not addressed, could have serious impacts on health and wellbeing. This project addresses knowledge gaps concerning these systems, such as how households and communities use them, and how and why local stakeholders develop these systems. The findings are intended to be used by policy-makers aiming to encourage wider uptake of community energy and water systems resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Start By 30 June 2010
Completed By 31 December 2011
Funding VCCCAR

Outcomes Policy briefs and projects reports are available on the VCCCAR website.

Researcher(s) Ralph Horne, Yolande Strengers, Cecily Maller, Paula Arcari, Chris Ryan (University of Melbourne) and Che Biggs (University of Melbourne)
Program Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures
Location(s) Melbourne – Australia