Selandra Rise: evaluating a master-planned community designed for health and wellbeing

Selandra Rise is a master-planned housing estate in Clyde North in Melbourne’s south-east growth corridor, designed to promote the health and wellbeing of its residents. The estate is being built by Stockland, with input from the Planning Institute of Australia, the Growth Areas Authority and the City of Casey.

It is well known that place is important for health, yet the relationship between place and health is still not well understood. This project primarily consists of a VicHealth research fellowship awarded to Dr Cecily Maller to study the community for 5 years. A key aim of the project is to identify, trial and evaluate established and innovative approaches to the evaluation of a large-scale, community-based, design driven intervention. Conceptually, the project also focuses on potential tensions between place-based and other types of communities (such as virtual, relational and transnational communities). Focusing on a number of health priority areas, the project primarily uses qualitative and quantitative approaches to understand the lived experience of Selandra Rise residents over time. Semi-structured interviews with residents are being conducted before and after residents move to the estate. As well as interviews and other methods, a survey is also being developed to explore the interaction between the design of Selandra Rise and residents’ health and wellbeing and to monitor change in the community’s development. Relevant findings from the research are regularly communicated to the demonstration project partners in order to inform the design and planning of Selandra Rise and other new communities.


Start By 31 December 2010
Completed By 31 December 2015
Funding VicHealth with support from Stockland, the Growth Areas Authority and the City of Casey
Outcomes Master Planned Communities and the Re-formation of Cities for Health and Wellbeing: The Case of Selandra Rise. Presented at the International Making Cities Livable Conference May, 2012

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Researcher(s) Cecily Maller, Ralph Horne and Larissa Nicholls
Program Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures
Location(s) Melbourne – Australia