Sharing responsibility

This project is based on the premise that using multiple ways of framing underlying issues in Australian disaster management is important for developing a more nuanced understanding of the meaning of shared responsibility. It therefore aims to stimulate ‘frame-reflexive’ thinking, learning and practice.

The first, completed stage of the project involved a broad, interdisciplinary review of the ways that underlying challenges for sharing responsibility in the context of risk are framed conceptually in research studies.

This was followed by a second stage that reviewed types of interventions, activities and processes that have shaped the way responsibility for community safety has been shared in practice in a range of sectors and settings.

The current stage focuses on analyzing case studies of responsibility-sharing issues in the context of Australian disaster management, including issues surrounding the Black Saturday bushfires.

The results of each of these stages will be used to inform and analyze a series of stakeholder workshops. These workshops will reflect on different ways of framing the goals and process of sharing responsibility, and the implications of this for policy and practice in Australia.

Start By 1 January 2012
Completed By 31 December 2013
Funding Government Tender

Researcher(s) John Handmer, Blythe McLennan
Program Human Security and Disasters