Community sustainability indicators

This project is developing a tool for integrating quantitative with qualitative methods of assessing and monitoring community sustainability. Framed by sociological accounts of public deliberation and participation in science, the project will develop a web-based software tool with advanced decision support for selecting sustainability indicators. This tool will provide community project stakeholders with the ability to stipulate issues, identify key indicators and compile sustainability reports for assessing project outcomes. This project will contribute to policy and theory, building on the detailed empirical work across the sites. The research also uses critical social theory to examine some of the issues that arise when setting out to develop and implement qualitative indicators of sustainability that incorporate quantitative metrics.

Funding partners: Australian Research Council Linkage Grant: City of Melbourne, FujiXerox Australia, Cambridge International College, Common Ground Publishing and Microsoft Corporation, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver City Council, Cambridge Western College.

Start By 1 January 2010
Completed By 31 December 2012
Funding ARC Linkage Grant,

Researcher(s) Hepu Deng, Sarah Hickmott, Paul James, Liam Magee, Lin Padgham, Andy Scerri, James Thom
Program Community, Migration and Development
Location(s) Los Angeles – USA
Melbourne – Australia
Vancouver – Canada