The visual archive project of the global imaginary

Roppongi Crossing, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan Copyright © 2009 Tommaso Durante

The Visual Archive Project of the Global Imaginary is a collection of visual images (still digital files) that investigates the local-global articulation in the urban social fabrics of the twenty-first century, as well as in the rural areas currently subject to globalization processes.

This project—database is characterized by a phenomenological subjective—interpretative approach to globalization as a visual phenomenon.

The collected visual images explore, in their own right, the symbolic construction of the global imaginary with a special focus on Asia-Pacific region.

The main outcome of this research project is a visual expansion and a deeper understanding of the epochal processes of change and transformation we are living in.

Start By 1 January 2009
Completed By ongoing
Researcher(s) Tommaso Durante
Program Globalization and Culture