Theatre in the Asia-Pacific: regional culture in a modern global context

How do theatre and performance in the Asia-Pacific articulate the social, political and material changes that result from globalization in its engagement with the national and the local?

Focusing on the region’s diverse traditions of theatre and performance, ranging from traditional pre-modern to contemporary postmodern forms, this study offers a multi-regional perspective on contemporary culture in the Asia-Pacific region. An enabling premise is that theatre and performance are significant cultural sites charged with both preserving ancient and pre-modern modes of performance, and also with displaying the vibrancy of contemporary arts practice. Changes in theatre practice are motivated by transformations at the level of history, philosophy and society; theatre is not an autonomous aesthetic sphere but part of the social and material world. The project’s case studies explore theatre practice in Australia, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore and show how theatre bears witness to transformations at the level of the global, the national and the local.

Start By 31 December 2008
Completed By 31 December 2012
Funding ARC Discovery Grant
Outcomes Forthcoming co-authored book with Palgrave Macmillan, Theatre in the Asia-Pacific: Regional Culture in a Global Context, due 2013.

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Researcher(s) Chris Hudson
Program Globalization and Culture
Location(s) Jakarta – Indonesia
Tokyo – Japan