Tools for simulation modules: water sustainability

This project looks at tools and paradigms for simulation, in the context of issues around water sustainability.

The aim is to developĀ  a set of characteristics that make one modelling paradigm more suitable than another for a particular category of problem or aspect of a domain. We will then develop a methodology, to allow modellers of a climate change adaptation domain to identify the best modelling approach for each aspect of the domain/problem. We will investigate modelling tools used within the industry, as well as agent-based tools which are the specialty of the research group. The team is proposing to work with a small company, NetBalance, whose business is adaptation and risk management related to climate change. They have several clients whose concerns centre around water sustainability.

Start By 30 June 2010
Completed By 31 December 2010
Funding RMIT Research Support
RMIT's School of Computer Science & Information Technology
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Researcher(s) Fabio Zambetta, Sarah Hickmott, David Scerri
Program Urban Decision-Making and Complex Systems