Understanding the City of Melbourne’s heat island through time and space

The research project has two discrete components. In the first instance, MODIS satellite imagery is being analysed to determine the UHI over the last ten years. This will enable the identification of ‘hotspots’ in the city. Secondly, higher resolution Landsat data is being used to analyse day time temperatures across a transect in the city to determine the relationship between temperature and different urban forms.

The research is currently being undertaken by Rose Debouverie, an intern from France, jointly supervised by Darryn McEvoy and Simon Jones (GIS unit). Her work activity is further supported by colleagues at Monash University. The final deliverable will be used to inform the sustainability agenda of the City of Melbourne.

Start By not provided
Completed By 30 November 2010
Funding RMIT Research Support
Researcher(s) Rose Debouverie, Simon Jones, Darryn McEvoy
Program Climate Change Adaptation
Location(s) Melbourne – Australia