Urban Rivalry

The primary aim of this project is to produce an analytical model for understanding the historical importance of urban rivalry to city identities and cultures (in Australia and internationally). It will do this by connecting research into the political, economic and social dimensions of city identity formation, with research into the more prosaic articulation of inter-city rivalry through media and popular cultures. The research will be focused via two case studies: a) Melbourne/Sydney; b) Tokyo/Kansai metropolitan area. The research tests the proposition that the cultural identity of individual cities is not, as is often assumed, innate, but emerges from a process of constant comparison. It is through these mediated relationships with other locations that cities are able to define their own sense of “place” in the nation and world.

Start By 31 December 2007
Completed By 31 December 2009
Funding RMIT Research Support
Outcomes D.Verhoeven and B.Morris, 'She Would Say That, He's From Melbourne: Fun and Games with Dame Edna and Barry Humphries'' in JAS [Journal of Australian Studies], forthcoming 33.3 (Aug. 2009); Brian Morris, 'Un/Wrapping Shibuya: Place, Media and Punctualisation'
Researcher(s) Brian Morris
Program Globalization and Culture
Location(s) Kyoto – Japan
Melbourne – Australia
Sydney – Australia
Tokyo – Japan