Youth leadership for sustainable consumption

‘otherWISE’ is a workshop and action support program has been developed by the initiating research team to enable communities to engage young people in sustainability activities and projects.

Through building action competence, ‘otherWISE’ connects learning and skill development with sustainable lifestyles, active citizenship and youth development.  The project was first supported by the National Affairs Youth Research Scheme 2003-2004, pursuing the question of how young people can be encouraged and empowered to make changes in their own consumption patterns as well as being catalysts for change in the wider community, thus helping to lead society in more sustainable lifestyle choices.

With the support of the ARC Discovery scheme in 2006-2008, the project further developed the program, and a PhD study investigated what motivates young people to change their lifestyles and consumption practices. The next phase of the program beyond 2009 is directed at a national roll-out with suitable partner organisations.

Project Partner: The International Young Professionals Foundation

Start By 1 September 2003
Completed By 1 January 2011
Funding ARC Discovery Grant, , RMIT Research Support

Researcher(s) John Fien, Iris Bergmann, Kate Luckins, Katelyn Samson and Cameron Neil (IYPF)
Program Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures
Location(s) Melbourne – Australia