Examined Life Film Screening

Wednesday 3 July, 6:00 to 8:00pm – Day Two – Free Public Event


At the conclusion Day Two, Conference Delegates are welcome to attend a free public screening of Examined Life: Philosophy is in the StreetsThis event will be hosted by Professor Paul James of the Global Cities Research Institute. The screening will be followed by a 30-minute facilitated discussion led by Professor James. The film will be shown in the Auditorium,  Level 5 of Storey Hall, RMIT University. This screening is open to the public and entry is free.


About Examined Life: Philosophy is in the Streets


Examined Life pulls philosophy out of academic journals and classrooms, and puts it back on the streets… In Examined Life, filmmaker Astra Taylor accompanies some of today’s most influential thinkers on a series of unique excursions through places and spaces that hold particular resonance for them and their ideas.


Peter Singer’s thoughts on the ethics of consumption are amplified against the backdrop of Fifth Avenue’s posh boutiques. Slavoj Zizek questions current beliefs about the environment while sifting through a garbage dump. Michael Hardt ponders the nature of revolution while surrounded by symbols of wealth and leisure. Judith Butler and a friend stroll through San Francisco’s Mission District questioning our culture’s fixation on individualism. And while driving through Manhattan, Cornel West—perhaps America’s best-known public intellectual—compares philosophy to jazz and blues, reminding us how intense and invigorating a life of the mind can be. Offering privileged moments with great thinkers from fields ranging from moral philosophy to cultural theory,Examined Life reveals philosophy’s power to transform the way we see the world around us and imagine our place in it.


Examined Life features conversations with:

  • Kwame Anthony Appiah  on Cosmopolitanism
  • Michael Hardt on Revolution
  • Martha Nussbaum on Justice
  • Avital Ronell on Meaning
  • Judith Butler with Sunaura Taylor on Interdependance
  • Peter Singer speaks on Ethics
  • Cornel West on Truth
  • Slavoj Zizek on Ecology


Click here to watch Examined Life Trailer


Reviews for Examined Life


“This film is good for your soul! A must-see cinematic tonic for these confusing times.”
- Scott Macaulay, Filmmaker Magazine

“The ideas themselves are never fusty or hermetically sealed; Taylor’s organizing principle, a refreshingly intellectual one, is that rigorous thinking brings us closer to a global awareness.”
- Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York

“A playful riposte to the notion that movies are for turning one’s mind off.”
- Rob Nelson, Variety

“As inviting and accessible as a smart conversation with fascinating friends.”
- Jeff Shannon, Seattle Times

“Examined Life is one of the smartest, and most intellectually stimulating movies of the year. It is not often that this sort of thought is so directly presented on film.”
- Jesse Wente, CBC

“Taylor proves there’s more than enough food for thought when philosophy is placed in an urban context.”
NOW Toronto