2013 Conference Proceedings

We are living through a period in human history when life on this planet is in danger of becoming unsustainable for many of its species—including us. More than a century ago, when Charles Dickens wrote the Tale of Two Cities, his words told of a deep ambivalence: ‘it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us’. The passage spoke of a new world in which the people of Paris and London had choices to make about their future. Now, variations on those words have become the backdrop to a growing sense that it is has become all too complicated.

The articles contained within this collection respond to this challenge in a number of ways. Firstly, instead of treating sustainability as a narrow ecological question framed by business as usual, it addresses the human condition across the integrated domains of economics, ecology, politics and culture. Secondly, it brings together the very different constituencies of academia, civil society, urban governance and business in order to ask: What does it mean to be responsible for the future of our planet? How can we best work collaboratively across those different constituencies to address basic issues of sustainability? Thirdly, it asks: ‘What is to be done?’ This is not to reduce the future to technical solutions, but rather to debate how are we going to act now to work towards an imagined future.

The Conference Proceedings are arranged by the following themes:

  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Community, Migration and Development
  • Cultural Sustainability
  • Global Indigeneity and Reconciliation
  • Globalization and Culture
  • Human Security and Disasters
  • Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures
  • Urban Sustainability

Articles may be used for research, teaching and private study purposes. Material, which is reproduced from this publication, in whole or in part, must be clearly attributed to the author and source. All articles published in this collection have been peer reviewed.

Editors: Paul James, Chris Hudson, Sam Carroll-Bell, Alyssa Taing.


Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies in Bangladesh: The Tale of Two Coastal Cities by Subas P. Dhakal and Muhammad N. Mahmood

Discussing the Weather: Digital Stories, Communities and the Climate Change Conversation by Michael Wilson and Karen Lewis

Innovative Techniques for Local Community Engagement on Climate Change Adaptation by Chris Riedy, Jade Herriman, Katie Ross, Aleta Lederwasch and Louise Boronyak

Re-imagining our Cities as Carbon Sinks by Julie Francis


Community, Migration and Development

All in the Mind: The Pathologization of Trauma in Timor-Leste by Emily Toome

Community and Sustainability: Towards a Discursive Approach by Judith Rogers

Re-imagining Development in Timor-Leste by Sam Carroll-Bell

Seeking Community in the City by Martin Mulligan

The Social Practices of Change Agency in the Context of Community Energy Use by Chris Riedy

A Tale of Two Cities: Towards the Pedagogy of Living Labs by Flora Salim, Margaret Hamilton, Jane Burry, Adriana Ballardin, Jessica Basso and Anthony Mackey


Cultural Sustainability

Culturing Education for Sustainability: Evaluating a Tertiary Case Study by Blanche Higgins

European Walled Towns: Sanctuaries of Peace and Dynamic Regenerated Hubs by Malcolm Borg and Samantha Fabry

Head and Hands in the Cloud: Cooperative Models for Global Trade to be found in Traditional Crafts by Kevin Murray

The (Im)Mobile Life of Food and Drink Packaging Technologies in the City by Cary Monreal

Impact Assessment: A Tool to Assist Cultural Sustainable Development by Adriana Partal

Visual Images of Electricity in Times of Turmoil: Perceptions, Interpretations and Symbolism by Luba Pirgova

Whose Place: Sustaining Cultural Conversations by Shanene Ditton


Global Indigeneity and Reconciliation

Anthropocene Noir by Deborah Bird Rose

Rethinking Indigenous Resistance to Globalization by Jeanne W. Simon and Claudio Gonzalez-Parra

Telling the ‘Money-Story’ the Right Way: A Model for Studying Sustainable Indigenous Financial Inclusion by Vinita Godinho and Roslyn Russell


Globalization and Culture

Aesthetics of Change and Urban Sustainability in Melbourne: Between Global Ideologies, Material Processes and Social Imaginaries by Tommaso Durante

Culturalization of Nature and the Naturalization of Culture in Google Maps by Timothy Erik Ström

He Said, She Said: The Challenges to Modern Journalistic Practice in Covering Climate Change by Mandy Oakham

Neglected and Partial News: A Probe into the Reporting of Latin American Environment by Antonio Castillo

Questioning the Contribution of Higher Education Institutions to the Cultural Sustainability of Local Communities by Abolfazl Dehghanmongabadi and Nina Shirkhanloo


Human Security and Disasters

The Challenges of Drought Monitoring and Early Warning by Siti Nazahiyah Rahmat, Niranjali Jayasuriya and Muhammed Bhuiyan

Human Computer Interaction for Supporting Fire Emergency First Responders by Raj Prasanna, Lili Yang and Malcolm King

Surviving in Pakistan’s Cities: A Complex Web of Challenges and Alternatives by Anita M. Weiss

Violence and Urban Governance in Neoliberal Cities in Latin America by Michael Humphrey


Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures

Adaptable Buildings: Striving Towards a Sustainable Future by Anupa Manewa, Christine Pasquire, Alistair Gibb, Andrew Ross and Mohan Siriwardena

Alternative Water Management in Pretoria, South Africa: An Investigation into Public Perceptions of Water Recycling by Alison Stoakley

Assessing the Sustainability of Housing in English Towns by Malcolm Morgan and Heather Cruickshank

A Communal Turn for Transport? Integrating Community-Owned Transport and Public Transport for Sustainable Transport by Leigh Glover

Cultural Responses to Climate Change: Cultivating Lifestyle Activism Through Alternative Knowledge Productions by Mark Dean

A Fuzzy DEMATEL Approach to Assess Determinants of Efficient Kerbside Waste Management in an Urban Context by Shams Rahman and Qingda (Peter) Yuan

Environmental Legislation and the Management of Medical Waste by Damna Alzahrani

Urban Regenerative Development in South Africa: The Role of Place and Story by Matthew Healey


Urban Sustainability

Urban Sustainability, Jobs and the Environment by Jerry Harris

Current Sustainability: Are we Just Trying to be Less Bad? by Dominique Hes

From Dormitory to Business Zone? A Case Study of Issue-Based Aid in Orlando East by Liam Magee, John van Kooy and David Lansley

Sustainable Affordable Housing: New Models for Low-Income Housing in Chile by Sandra Moye and Ralph Horne

Sustainable Housing Rehabilitation for Inclusive Cities by Natalie Sham and Christophe Lalande

When Public Participation Meets Resettlement: The Vila Chocolatão Experience in Porto Alegre, Brazil by Felicity Cahill, Elizabeth Ryan, Liam Magee and Paul James.

Vulnerability and Change in the Global South: A Spatially Informed Approach by Hamish Roberston, Nick Nicholas, Andrew Georgiou, Julie Johnson and Jo Travaglia.