New Delhi – India

The engagement of the Institute is New Delhi is a recent development based on the alignment of RMIT as it began to name its partner cities. We are now working closely with the National Institute of Urban Affairs. We ran a major forum together in 2012, which included representatives of the cities of New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Sao Paulo, and Tehran.

We are currently working together on a Metropolis project on public-private partnerships, and a Metropolis Taskforce of methods and approaches.

City and community: Melbourne to Delhi

This book aims to detail new theoretical and methodological approaches for the study of communities in cities. It complements the study of the city in terms of the built environment, design and planning, financial and knowledge networks by emphasizing the ‘soft’ side of the concept of ‘urbanization’ within the framework of globalization. Urbanization has been traditionally understood using the frameworks of demography, urban planning, urban infrastructure, transportation, affordable housing, and urban development. We bring to the study of cities, the sociological and anthropological imagination.