Urban-Rural (Region)

Community, Migration and Development

How do communities shape, and how are they shaped by processes of globalization and the use of information and communication technologies? This program translates research into more effective theory and policies around community sustainability, and develops policy tools for measuring indices of community sustainability across cities.

Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures
Fitzroy Melbourne

How can communities, cities and regions support the transition towards sustainable futures? With the goal of ensuring the productivity, livability and sustainability of cities and regions, the program seeks to develop the evidence base for policies, strategies and tools for delivering planning productive cities and regions that are diverse, vibrant and affordable and in which the social capital and resilience fundamental to productivity are promoted.

Urban Decision-Making and Complex Systems
UDM_Singapore 2011

How can technology assist in decision-making regarding such things as urban planning and risk analysis? This is a cross-disciplinary program to use and develop advanced technologies in areas such as agent-based simulation to support urban decision-making.