Session: Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Stream


Day 3, Parallel Session 3B: 1:30pm – 3:00pm

Location: Storey Hall (Building 16) – Conference Room 1, Level 7, Room 7

Chair: Dr Liam Magee (RMIT University)


Nattavud Pimpa Corporate Sustainability: Multinational Corporation and Poverty Alleviation in Laos and Thailand


  • Presenter and main author: Dr Nattavud Pimpa (RMIT University)
  • Abstract: This presentation explores how post-national ‘democide’, or democratic failures that take place beyond the state, can occur. Though scholars are now largely aware of democide’s importance within domestic political systems, few studies have explored the implications of this for nascent democratic configurations that exist beyond or defy traditional state boundaries. Instead, studies into democide still presuppose the nation-state, even the city-state, as the site of democracy and democratic failure. Indeed, even as the processes of globalisation continue to erode crucial elements of the nation-state system, questions about the locus and possibility of a sovereign ‘demos’ that could commit democide remain to be analysed. By comparing different categories of post-national democracies and post-national democides, this presentation will extend the existing literature by examining the conditions and characteristics of post-democracy that make it prone to self-destruct. In doing this, it will demonstrate how emerging practices of global democracy can, in the course of being democratic no less, sow the seeds of its own destruction.
  • Co-authors: Dr Simon Fry (RMIT University) and Dr Victor Gekara (RMIT University)
  • About the presenter: Natt is a senior lecturer in the school of management, RMIT University. He is interested in corporate social responsibility and poverty alleviation in South East Asia, leadership in the international business context, and management of international education. Prior to joining RMIT, he worked in various academic projects with Burapha University, the Thai Ministry of Education, British Council, and the World Bank. Natt is also an editor for the International Journal of Studies in Thai Business, Society & Culture, the first open-access Thai Studies journal.
Brian Corbitt The Application of an Organizational Eco-Sustainability Index for Improving Australian’s Corporate Sustainability

  • Presenter: Professor Brian Corbitt (RMIT University)
  • Abstract: This project developed an evaluation metric to numerically assess the extent of the adoption of environmental sustainability (eco-sustainability) practices at the strategic level by Australian companies (the ASX 200). Such metrics are essential for Australian companies following the enacting of Carbon Tax legislation effective from July 2012. This metric (the Organizational Eco-Sustainability Index (OESI)) can assist companies to further understand the progress of their eco-sustainability strategy implementation and allow companies to assess their overall eco-sustainability strategic position, relative to other companies in the same and/or different industry and across time. This enables companies to revise and adopt eco-sustainability policies that can improve their business performance and attain their corporate sustainability. The OESI has been tested with 15 ASX 200 companies’ top executives to confirm its efficacy. The study shows that the adoption of eco-sustainability practices is different across four Australian industry groups: banking, materials, real estate and transportation. The metric provides a precise level of differentiation. This project is important to academics and practitioners. It potentially contributes to academic research on the strategic perspective of companies’ eco-sustainability strategy implementation and addresses the challenge facing the industry to successfully transform strategy to implementation, in order to achieve a sustainable corporate sustainability.
  • Main author: David Teh (RMIT University)
  • Co-authors: Professor Brian Corbitt (RMIT University) and Professor Miles Nicholls (RMIT University)
  • About the presenter: Professor Corbitt PhD FACS CP has significant experience and international standing and recognition in Information Systems, National Information Policy, Health Informatics and e-learning. Professor Brian Corbitt is currently Professor Mentor at RMIT University, Australia. He has previously been Professor of Management Science at Shinawatra University in Thailand, Pro Vice Chancellor (Online Services) at Deakin University, and JADE Professor of eCommerce at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. Prior to that he lectured at the University of Melbourne, where he was also Head of International House, and at Monash University. He specializes in IT policy development, in Health Information Systems, analysis and implementation in Business Modelling and Electronic Commerce trade relationships, and knowledge management. He has published 10 books including 6 on eBusiness, eCommerce and eGovernment. He has also published over 150 refereed scholarly papers, numerous reports to the governments of Thailand and New Zealand, and some 20 invited papers as a keynote speaker on IT policy in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia.